Viewing Homes To Purchase ~ A Few Do’s and Don’t’s


No matter what the market is like, a seller’s market or a buyer’s market, there are a few do’s and don’ts when viewing for the purpose of buying.

Some of these have to do with etiquette and some have to do with winning strategy.

After you’ve ascertained from your lender what your price point is and you start looking for homes that fit financial and aesthetic criteria, see as much as you can.  That means the good, the bad and the ugly.  Why?  Because if you only view what’s beautiful, you may have the misperception that beautiful homes are the norm and that you can take your time or low ball.  This only leads to having to make many offers on many homes.  If you see a beautiful home and it’s $40,000 more than a below grade home, it’s hard to appreciate the value of the beautiful home if you’ve never seen the below grade homes.  It just increases the learning curve and frustration  to have a narrow view of what’s available.

Don’t criticize the home with the seller in earshot.  I know this cramps the buyer’s ability to communicate freely and a listing agent should educate the seller to be away when there’s a showing. We want buyers to have freedom to speak frankly to their realtor and each other. But, sometimes it can’t be helped.  In addition, sometimes buyers think that if they find fault with the home and express that to the seller, they can get a lower price.  This rarely is the case.  Owners have pride in both their homes and themselves.  Criticism of the home just creates resistance.  When making the offer, the agent and/or you will express how much you really like the home and wish to Iive there and that based on comps you hope the owner views your offer as a fair market offer.

Even at Open Houses, be discreet in comments among your party.  Other buyers are present and it’s a courtesy to the seller not to be negative about their home.  Even though it’s an open house, guest rules still apply.

Saving most important for last.  If you’re serious about buying for a home, don’t just wait for weekend Open Houses. A serious buyer views a prospective home at first opportunity. All the other buyers are waiting for the weekend.  Be ahead of them.  In addition, don’t just wait for the new homes that come on the market; view or revisit some of those homes that have been on the market a while.  Maybe the seller is willing to negotiate.

Viewing homes is fun and when viewing with intent to purchase a few strategies can win the day and the home of your dreams! Happy shopping!

Want a new home?  Call me!  I’m here for you with many resources to make it a joy!